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When you have the lower hose removed take off the upper hose the same way. Next you need to remove the transmission cooling lines from the radiator and drain the transmission fluid into a clean dry container. This fluid is easily contaminated and it is typically not a great idea to reuse it anyhow. You will only lose a little bit but prepare to cover the end of these lines with a small plastic bag and some duct tape. This helps keep the fluid from dripping in your eye.

Head out to your local auto part store and pick up a little spray bottle of windshield defogger (I’ve used RainX). It will set you back less than $5 and only takes a minute to treat your whole bathroom.

Enter Richard Hollingsworth, thirty-something, bored, auto parts store clerk from New Jersey. Richard understood the conundrum of a family at odds on a Friday night. The parents just wanted to settle in and relax after a hard work week. The kids were itching to get out, maybe see a movie. So, as a test, Richard set up a screen in his driveway with cars parked at different angles so they could see the screen. It was a concept which would launch a form of entertainment which still hangs on today. Mr. Hollingsworth won a patent for his innovative idea in May of 1933 and in June of that same year, he and an investor group built the first drive-in theater for $30,000 in Camden, New Jersey. “Drive In Theater” cost 25 cents per car, 25 cents per person and no more than $1 total.

Those that ride in winter weather must have warm gloves. This is expensive but worth the price. Gloves always seem to fail to keep hands warm after a half-hour of riding in below freezing temperatures. An option are heated gloves with their own battery source or a connection with the motorcycle can be put in by a Motorcycle Parts. The wind acting against the hands makes the actual temperature coming into contact with the hands even lower.When hands are frozen you can have a problem with the gear shift and brake lever. Get to a warm place when your hands are warm. Boots covering the ankle are essential. They should have a good grip so your feet do not slide when stopped. Motorcycle are heavy and if one should fall on your ankle, the best protection possible should be on your feet.

Auto Parts Store Near Me Some people may wish to purchase a tire iron set. A tire iron set will include tools that are useful for other repairs in addition to changing a tire. Typically, auto part stores near me will include a longer iron and a number of shorter ones. This set is useful for a number of jobs while you are changing the tire.

First, start by removing any and all traces of cigarette smoke. Empty out the ashtray and thoroughly wash it with soap and water, if possible. After it has dried fill it with baking soda or fresh ground coffee beans. Allow the ashtray it sit full for 2-3 days before emptying and washing one more time before returning to the car. Thoroughly vacuum up all of the ashes in the carpets and seats. Be sure to pull apart wherever the seat is sewn together and vacuum the seam. Ashes are very fine and can get into every little crack and crevice in you car. We typically use a set of detail brushes to clean out your entire dash, vent and door panels. If doing this yourself, an old toothbrush or fingernail brush will work as a substitute.

First, start by spreading a generous amount of newspaper beneath your work area, which is determined by where your rust spot is positioned. Then don your protective gear like the glasses, face mask, and gloves. Do not do this work in good clothes or you may regret it later.

Once you have removed the soot, you would want to make it shine. Do this with the same motion you would use to shine your shoes. Apply metal polish to the tip. Then after holding the tips of a cloth in each hand, make a gentle sawing motion back and forth to make them shine. This process ensures that there are no spirals or streaks in the polish.